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"We've created something that we're really proud of in the Back In Shape Membership community to help people all over the world. People need the correct advice early on, it makes a huge difference and with our program they can get exactly what's needed."
Michael Fatica, Osteopath
The Mayfair Clinic is a specialist back pain clinic in central London, UK. The clinic uses a blend of new technologies to offer patients a non-surgical approach to treating back pain. This is followed up with home based rehabilitation  to enhance treatment outcomes. 

The Back In Shape Program uses bespoke protocols created by The Mayfair Clinic. Specific, principled stretches and exercises at the right time, delivered in a progressive manner to help relieve pain, fix weaknesses and provide a lasting solution for back pain.
Learn About The Basic & Premium Back In Shape Membership Options
Over 11 Video Tutorial Segments
  • Phase 1 Understanding Back Pain
  • Phase 1 When Is Back Pain An Emergency
  • Phase 1 Avoiding Back Pain Mistakes
  • Phase 1 4 Step Protocol For Back Pain Relief
  • Full Back Pain Relief Workout
  • Phase 1 How & When To Move To Phase 2
Premium meMBERSHIP
Monthly subscription, cancel anytime
  • Everything In Basic
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • Phase 2  Units: Including 16 Video Tutorial Segments
  • Full Phase 2 Back In Shape Workout 
  • Phase 3 Units: Including 12 Video Tutorial Segments
  • Full Phase 3 Back In Shape Workout #1
  • Bonus Phase 3 Workout #2
  • Access To More Than 50 Helpful Tutorial Videos
  • Growing Q&A Video Library
Basic: Getting You Out Of Crisis
The Basic Membership is there to get you out of crisis with some specific protocols to help reduce pain & inflammation so you can start to fix your back properly.

This is a great resource to help anyone with back pain whether it's acute or chronic.
  • If back pain is stopping you from getting around your house
  • It's waking you up at night or disturbing your sleep
  • ​Your at a loss with what to do to help your back pain
Our expert team have created these protocols to mimic those used to great effect at The Mayfair Clinic. So you can rest assured that these are protocols that can really help you too.
When you become a member you'll have lifetime access to the Basic Membership so there's nothing to lose! Plus when you're in the Premium Membership you'll join a growing community of people who're all helping each other & fixing their back pain from home, all whilst being guided and supported by our expert clinical team.
"I Found the Membership a huge help, both free and paid...Excellent and highly recommend" - Amanda Moore
Premium: Like Having Your Own Specialist Helping You!
Premium provides you with a complete solution to fix your back from home. Getting you out of crisis and walking you through the rehab & strengthening process with support from our clinical team inside the Exclusive Facebook Group.
  • Support & Expert Help From Day 1
  • Be Part Of  A Community Overcoming The Same Challenges You Face
  • ​Remove Doubt & Uncertainty From The Rehab Process
You'll also be able to influence the content. Special Q&A video answers are there to support Premium Members with their questions because sometimes a video helps so much more than written text!
The Back In Shape Program & Membership really is the complete solution for you to fix your back from home.  You can rest assured that these exercises, protocols and even the progression is designed by an expert team with years of experience helping thousands of patients. It couldn't be easier to start. 

Select whether you want to start with Basic or join Premium and all the benefits right away!
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